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Again I received a message from Danielle May. Now there are things that are in the Aden Protocol that I find interesting and may work. And there are other things I find are Snake Oil. (Actually one think is actually Ox Bile. Ox Bile?)

But anyway. I have modified some of my diet and it is not full of Ox Bile. Nor is it the Urine of a Pregnant Badge.

Here is the email that I got the other day.

Hi Jeffrey,

One of the most important things I keep my eyes on these days when it comes to Sarcoidosis and autoimmune diseases in general is what is going on with the industry of genetically modifies food. It is getting more apparent every day that these people are destroying our health for the sake of monopoly on the food market. Things I learn make me furious.

Above all, these last days I am following the work of Dr Philip Bereano, who is Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington. I am actively trying to contact him in the last few days and talk to him about the effects of genetically modified crops on autoimmune response such as Sarcoidosis.

I believe that by this point in time it is safe to say that these types of foods certainly have an effect on the ways of our immune system. And that is not the only safety risk with these foods.

Here is a statement of Dr Bereano I found especially interesting:

“Under what is known now as the precautionary principle–which is what your grandparents used to teach you about “looking before you leap”–the only prudent course of action is to NOT proceed with something which has potential risks and only potential benefits until you know a little bit more about it.”

I can’t offer definitive proof that this is one of the causative agents, but there are many indications present. It could be great if we could just pop a pill and resolve Sarcoidosis, but instead we have to be diligent and make a precise plan including facts similar to this.

Visit us at www.*bleep*.com and start the learning that will bring you your life back. Some of the things you learn will shock you.

Be well, enjoy your spring to the full and stay proactive about your health.

Your co-sufferer and hopefully trainer,


Danielle May, Sommerville, Boston-USA

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  1. Donald Anderson says:

    How do I contact you, Dr Bereano or Dr Jaharrii. It is important for me to schedule an appointment with them. I live In Louisiana.

    Please , Please give me a valid address or Phone number. I really need their help.

    Thanks again, Donald

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