Poking Smot – For Sarc?

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MarijuanaOk, I got another email from that May person.

This time she is promoting Marijuana as a ‘cure’ for diseases. Diseases like Sarcoidosis.  Here is the email I received.

Dear Jeffrey

Today, medical marijuana is a giant $1.7-billion market in the U.S only. These numbers rival the annual revenue generated by Viagra, which is a $1.9-billion business.

Estimates say that the marijuana market is expected to nearly double in the next five years, and that’s just in the 15 U.S. states where the drug is legal. It is expected that 20 states pass medical marijuana laws, and if this happens the market could grow to $8.9 billion by 2016.

According to MSNBC:

The cannabis industry as a whole — including the underground black market and medical gray market — generates anywhere from $18 billion to $35.8 billion a year.”

The public eye has turned to the fact that pharmaceutical companies and big business may be withholding a potential cure for autoimmune disease and even cancer – hemp oil, all in the interest of personal profit.

Hemp oil is unlike any other oil. It has that perfect balance of 1:3 ratios of naturally-occurring omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, but that is less important. It’s more important that hemp seeds also contain super omega-3 stearidonic acid and super omega-6-gamma-linolenic acid in nutritionally relevant amounts that fight inflammation and improve the balanced functioning of the immune and mental system.

But what could be the reason for this?

Simple, industrial hemp cannot be grown in the United States is because the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) refuses to acknowledge that hemp is not the same as marijuana.

The United States is the only industrialized nation where growing industrial hemp is illegal.

It is these kinds of facts that make me even more convinced and even more determined that people suffering from Sarcoidosis ad other autoimmune diseases are not getting all the help they could get.

No way am I keeping quiet about this.

Visit us at www.sarcoidosis-remission.com and learn more about the healing road of 1000s worldwide that are today leading normal lives and enjoying beautiful health. You can’t afford to remain oblivious while this thing is hijacking your life.

Yours in the good fight,


Danielle May, Sommerville, Boston-USA



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