Who is Danielle May?

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This weird image you are seeing to. I means something. And you will know what it means by the end of this post.

But before we go into who Danielle May is (or who she isn’t) I need to tell you about this cool little program I found the other day. The program is called TinEye. TinEye is a reverse image search engine. It’s kinda like a reverse phone look up for images you find around the net. It was introduced to me by an employee I work with.

If you have a photograph that looks highly familiar and you just can not place where you found it you can just go to their website, enter the url for the image – or upload the image from your computer and then bam. Up come the results for that picture.

You might be asking what this has to do with Danielle May or Sarcoidosis for that matter. Am I right am I right or am I right? Right!!!

Well, this yesterday afternoon at work I decided to take the picture of Danielle May and put it through TinEye. In about 0.124 seconds TinEye searched 1.9727 billion images and matched them against the image I had it process. You would not guess what I found. Well, maybe you do know what I found.

You see the image of Danielle May is a stock image (which you can see here), an image that was taken by a photographer and the subject was paid for the shoot. In turn that photographer sells that image and all the images from the shoot online. You, me or anyone can purchase this image and place it on our website, business cards or on anything you want to place it on.

What I found was the TinEye came back with five places that the picture of Danielle May was online.

  1. A site that sells the Aden Protocol
  2. iStockPhoto.com – A Stock Photo Company
  3. GoWaterMark.com – (Now Defunct)
  4. ALZ.com – (Alzheimer Association)
  5. LibertyHill.org –  (Investment Community)

Sad to say but she is not a real Sarcoidosis Sufferer. I figure if they find an African America (because we acquire Sarcoidosis at a higher percentage) female (African American Females have a higher percentage of Sarcoidosis that any other gender or racial group) this would be a highly lucrative image of a healthy person to place as their spokes woman.

I don’t know who Danielle May is but I do know who she isn’t – An advocate for our safety and health.

What the picture means above . . . if you place your money into this system you will be trying to get it back just like in the photo. But you will never get it back. It will just be hanging there out of reach.


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  1. Bert McCartt says:

    Jeffrey: Thanks for the research! (Good job!)

  2. Cindy H says:

    Thanks because I am desperate and I thought she was the answer

  3. Fuzzy Tom says:

    I read your scam burst on Dr. Jani Hajjri (Aden protocol)and now a follow up on Danielle May, they were convincing. Thanks for your effort.

  4. T. Thornhill says:

    Well, I fell for it and purchased the pathetic ebook. It appears as if an illiterate was the author. By the 2nd page I knew I had been scammed. It is scum of the earth that will exploit people looking for help. Of course it states you can get a refund……but not in this lifetime.

  5. Dani says:

    Jeffrey, I appreciate your site so much and thank you for sharing your information. I too bought the book…only because so many people asked me if I knew anyone who had results using Aden protocol.

    In 8 years of helping people with this disease I have yet to meet 1 who has used this with any results. The strict daily lifestyle one must commit to is just too much alone. I did meet 1 women who did it for 60 days straight and said she felt a little more energy but the cost of the supplements was over $400 a month and she could not continue…she found herself searching the internet yet again for answers.

    • Ilari Parkkunen says:

      Can you describe the main points and supplements of Aden protocol? I too read the advertisements. I have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis this summer. Thank you.

  6. Judi says:

    I am from South Africa. I bought Danielle Mays ebook last year when I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis of the lungs. I started following her program straight away. Within 3 months I had results I could never dream off. I didn’t take any medication my doctors prescribed. I followed a juicing diet based on all the fruits and veggies she recommended and at night ate only cooked chicken, no starches and also took all the supplements that was recommended. I’ve lost 30kgs(that I didn’t expect but is great full) I feel so much better and healthier. My serum ace levels dropped as well, infact, so much that the pulmonary surgeon was so pleased and baffled at the same time. I was told cortisone is the only answer and I proved the doctor wrong!
    Even if you say is true about Danielle not having Sarcoidosis, I just want to tell you… She really helped me! And I am so great full.

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