Who is Dr. Jani Hajjri?

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This photo is of Dr. (Sometimes refereed to as Mr. or just) Jani Hajjri. He is the Dr. behind the Aden Protocol. He teamed up with Danielle May to write the Ebook The Aden Protocol. The only thing is that this is not Dr Jani. This is a stock photo from this site here. There is no Dr. Jani Hajjri listed in Akron Ohio. How do I know? I checked. I have also checked and there really isn’t anyone by the last name of Hajjri in Akron. Not Hajjri or Hajri. What does this mean? This means we have been lied to. I have seen many people ask about this on inspire.com – we all want a hope for a cure. We all want to stop feeling like crap. The hope in our eyes may as well fuel scams like these. Our innocent hope ushers greed to the table of discontent (wow I should be a writer or something like that)

Below is what was taken from one of The Aden Protocol’s websites. The colour commentary is mine and mine alone. It is used for comedic purposes (so they can’t sue – heheheheh)

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Dr. Jani Hajjri in front of his patients evidence [this is quite the feat since the Doctor doesn’t exist so there is no evidence] and research collected over the years,
used ultimately to shape the Aden protocol [I think our Sarkie money has been used to ultimately shape the bank roll in who evers pockets it land in. Man I feel used].

Let me tell you a couple of words about Dr. Jani Hajjri [First of all the man in the picture is Hispanic and not from Yemen . . . sheesh]- he is originally from Yemen [which is a lie] and has lived in the USA (Akron, Ohio) [which is a lie also. I called Akron Ohio for a Dr Mr or even a person by the last name of Hajjri and there is none. I will be posting the telephone conversation I have with AT&T 411] for 15 years now. He started his alternative medical practice back in his home country [Really and I wonder why the picked Yemen to pick on]. He also has a huge database [I would love to see that database. Maybe they will send me a picture of it. It just might show a picture a database from Stock Photos] of every relevant research [if he does his own research wouldn’t he have his work published in a journal or something like that? Just saying.] that was ever done on the subject and incorporates this vast knowledge into his protocol [steals and lies].

He claimed that 75% percent of his patients went into remission within 6 months of the “Aden protocol”[I would love to have the phone number of just one of those people], which is what he calls his treatment plan (Aden is his hometown in Yemen, [oh that is why they picked on Yemen] where he first started his practice) [Aden is also a band and the f**ing rock] and that the overall success rate was 82% [again give me just one phone number not a stock photo of a person]. But I thought he was pumping these numbers up, to make him look good [Whoever is pumping anything up it’s not a good thing]. I thought that before trying it myself.

That is also why I contacted a few of the people that used the Aden protocol to treat their Sarcoidosis [Danielle May may I contact these people also. Miss May . . .Hello . . . I guess she isn’t there. *Sad Face*]

To all who hope for a cure . . .there is one out there and it is not The Aden Protocol


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  1. Linda P says:

    I want to thank you for this information. A lot of people who have Sarcoidosis are hoping for a cure, hopefully by natural means. I am one of them. I did not purchase. I felt that if the claims that are stated were true, the information would widely available at no cost. I do agree that avoiding as many of the artificial junk that they put into our food is one step to better health.

    Everyone be watchful.

    Linda P

    • bodie Gentry says:

      If these people really wanted to help others, as I am in need, they would just put the book into print. I am 72 years old and am not able to sit at my pc to read a book. It is sad that everything is just a money-making thought by someone and not really about helping others. I called Barnes and Nobel and they do not even have one book in stock regarding this. I am usually in so much hip and left leg pain, but today have gone into excruitiating burning in my chest. Maybe all of us that cannot do their e-books will make them feel not so good about what they are not doing.

  2. Bert McCartt says:

    Another good job of research, Jeff! Keep shining the light of truth on these dishonest SOB’s!

  3. A says:

    Thank you again for the information, because I really do not want to give false hope to a friend.

  4. Melanie says:

    My friend purchased this ebook for me when i was first diagnosed with Sarc and I was considering alternative (including the Marshall Protocol). We could never get the the thing to download. She called a couple times, but we could never get it to download or her computer or my own.

    I always wondered “what is up with that”, I’m just saying.

    • Jeffrey says:

      It’s a tricky document to download. I am a tech guy and I had to do some tricks to get it on my computer. If you search this site you’ll find the full copy for viewing.

      • jay c says:

        Thank you thank you

        After trying hard to get a bio of this famousman,lol and nada nowhere any sign of life…Well, I got suspicious that each time I tried thru internet to find him GUESS what happens?YUP, Im connected to that AD for the book..EVERY time….Strange isnt that….Cant she be stoppped from this awful peddling? How can u believe anything she says? Maybe she made it all up…That makes me sad, as I had some hope that perhaps there may be a cure or at least some good to think about… Jeff what site were u referring to when u said “you’ll find the full copy??? I dont see any site, yes, its in my eyes now, and my lungs are destroyed…I just cant give up Thank you for your TRUTH and efforts to help. God Bless you.

  5. Ray says:

    Thank you for doing a little research into this. As many of you have sarcoidosis I wanted to see if this was a scam and started looking for some medical journal articles that would back this up. To my discontent I have not found anything. If this is such a great thing and it has been researched for 30 years then where is the evidence? These Doctors make a name for themselves by being published. So sad that there are ethically challenged people out there preying on the sick. Shame on you Danielle May.

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