Sarcoidosis in 1 Word

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I participated in a thread on – it was posted by mzclown and titled “Use 1 word, and 1 word only, in reference to your Sarc life…”

We were supposed to use one word but many people cheated. I love that. Think outside the bounds.

What I thought about doing is making a WordCloud that would speak volumes to those of us who have this dreaded disease. You can click on the image above to enlarge the image. You can also see which words the members wrote about the disease the least or the most (by the size of the word) about living with Sarcoidosis.

One of the most repeated words in the Cloud is Exhausting. Damn right!


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  1. Sue Sherratt says:

    Personally I am very disappointing with Inspire as they have kicked me off their site for trying to let people know in Australia that we are trying to start a support group. The 1st of it’s kind. One would think we should all be on the same page and initiatives of this type should be encouraged and supported but no they saw it as a threat. Goodness me we are on the opposite side of the world and only want to create a support network here when nothing yet exists. Inspire is definitely not Inspiring in my eyes.

    Aussie SusieQ

  2. Gale Tribble says:

    I just found this page very neet. When I told my co-workers

    that I had sarcs, oneof them stated that is what Bernnie

    Mack died of. And the word sucks sure fits.

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