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HouseEvery once in a while I hear about the term Sarcoidosis on House. And if you haven’t watched the series House you should. Once you go House you wish your doctor was that diligent even though Gregory House is an ass.

House is an arrogant doctor that has a Vicodin problem and hates everyone . . . everyone. Did I say that he hates everyone. Well, everyone around him wants him to succeed in his diagnosis. So, they all kiss his butt and cover it at the same time. There is something lovable and hate-able about this man. I love the writing on this show. It borderlines on sexist, racist, misanthropic, etc!!!!

So, what your homework is to do is to identify a house episode that actually comments on the diagnosis of Sarcoidosis even though it was not the last diagnosis.

Here goes mine!

House Divided

Originally aired April 27, 2009
Episode Number 5.22 
Jeffrey T.

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  1. Veronicajeanne Sindle says:

    How about every other episode LOL. It’s one of the first the team mentions so often that when I was diagnosed my sister said “Oh, Dr. House”s favorite disease!”

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