Danielle May “You Should’ve Seen Their Faces – Website up again‏”

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From: Danielle May
To: Jeffrey Jay
Date: January 23rd 2015


As you probably know, I’m in the middle of some legal issues and you probably know that I had the arbitrage about the website in Boston on Wednesday.

I’d like to thank everybody for their support, especially to those who actually came down there to share their success stories (special thanks to Ivana and Jenny).

I had all the proof that I needed and the people to confirm that all the claims I make on the website are TRUE. You should have seen the faces of their attorneys.

Long Story Short – I was granted a temporary permission to get the website up again, at least until Wednesday, when I have another arbitrage scheduled.

It’s the perfect time to get access – www.Sarcoidosis-Remission.com

You know that I usually limit the number of copies I sell at a time, not this time because I don’t know what will happen by Wednesday.

It’s an important moment and I am happy I can share it.



Danielle May, Sommerville, Boston-USA

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