Danielle May – “I’m Closing the Website Tomorrow‏”

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From: Danielle May
To: Jeffrey Jay
Date: January 16th 2015


I have some sensitive news today. You won’t like it…

I’ve been having some legal issues lately and by court order, I will be taking down the website tomorrow.

You can see the time left – www.sarcoidosis-remission.com

You can only imagine that a lot of people don’t like what I am sharing.

If the number of people who know the truth about sarcoidosis reaches a critical mass, the pharmaceutical companies are bound to lose a nice chunk of the billions they make. That’s why I’m being crucified.

I will fight this thing to the last breathe in my body. You are likely to be seeing me on TV these next few weeks.

Anyway, those who do manage to get the book before I close the website, we’ll be starting the program and the counseling right away, and those who miss out, are likely missing out for good.

See the time left – www.sarcoidosis-remission.com

If this is goodbye, a big thank you to everybody, stay strong and chin up.

My healing thoughts forever ,


Danielle May, Sommerville, Boston-USA

So Obviously she didn’t shut down the website

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