Man I Love Doughnuts

Posted on February 5, 2011 by

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Man I love donuts. But what I have just found out in the last year is that this Sarcoidosis thing loves to thrive on starches, sugars and my body.

So, you put those things together and I feel like crap.

The last donut I had was on Friday February 4th 2011. I would not say that I will never have one again but this is a start.

This is the first of many posts on – The blog about and for people who have Sarcoidosis. In the coming months I plan to grow this thing out of control. (just like Sarc in our bodies) but unlike Sarcoidosis it won’t suck.

There will be Anti Inflammatory Diet Recipes, ways to over come the Blah, etc. I really plan on people posting on specifics here and maybe give a story or two about their condition and how they have dealt, caved into or even overcome this dreaded disease.


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