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We usually do not hear about the Aden Protocol. There is a really secretive and vague structure to this whole process and the procedure of obfuscation that rivals the secret of where the servers for Wikileaks are located.

With that out of the way, I received an email yesterday from Danielle May that hinted at a link between Sarcoidosis and Fluoride. That wasn’t the interesting part of the email. What got me was the right off the bat the first word (for) was not capitalized. And there the word Fluoride was spelled incorrectly (flour, fluor). And then there were the other errors.

So, this is the first of many Aden Protocol posts that you will see on WhatsEating.Us Please do not purchase this Protocol until you read my next post.

Below is the email (corrected of course):




Danielle May (if that is your real name)

Dear Jeffrey,

For decades now, fluoride has been the Holy Grail of protection against tooth cavity. But recent findings have turned the teeth hygiene industry on its head. They are still fighting it, but at one point or another they will have to face the music and address these alarming finding about flour.

According to some recent studies, not only that fluoride is not nearly as effective as advertised, but it has been implicated in the causation of a number of conditions, among them – the autoimmune response of the body such as that in Sarcoidosis. That is why every former or present Sarcoidosis sufferer should be very interested in the subject.

First of all, fluoride owes most of its protective properties to a protective layer it forms around the teeth. New studies have determined that the layer is about 100 times thinner than previously thought and as such holds practically protection. In laymen terms – we don’t need it.

But more importantly, claims about its toxicity have been made and proven in long term studies that are comparing the health and intelligence of population of low-fluoride to high-fluoride areas. It is also said to have the potency to be an immune system disruptor, which is exactly what happens in Sarcoidosis.

But getting away from fluoride is not as easy as cutting out fluoride toothpaste. There is a much bigger issue – our water. It is filled with this stuff.

It is just these kinds of things that are keeping us sick and miserable. It is just these kinds of things that is making the healing of Sarcoidosis impossible for you. We need to regain control of our lives and reclaim them forever by forming a smart strategy to avoid all the traps around us.

Visit www.*bleep*.com and take a look at the ebook where I share every little piece of information I learned about Sarcoidosis over those long years of work.

To your health,

Danielle May

Sommerville, Boston-USA

Is there a State called Boston? Just wondering!!

Stay Tuned


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