Famous People With Sarcoisosis

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Below is a list of famous and influential people with Sarcoidosis. People on this list are listed by age. The Celebrity names in red indicate they are no longer with us.

Celebrity Know For Being Born Diagnosed
Mahalia Jackson Gospel Singer 10-26-1911 ?
Bill Russell American Basketball Player 02-12-1934 ?
Floyd Mayweather Sr. Ex-Boxer / Boxing Trainer 03-15-1950 ?
Manning Marable Professor/Author 05-13-1950 ?
James E. Ray Basketball Player 07-27-1957 2001
Bernie Mac Comedian 10-05-1957 1983
Drew Stein Stop Sarcoidosis Member 11-22-1961 2010
Angie Stone Singer Song Writer 12-18-1961 ?
Reggie White American Football Player 12-19-1961 ?
Karen Duffy Model/Actress 05-23-1962 1995
Darrian Chapman Sportscaster NBC5 1965 2002
Daisy Fuentes TV Host 11-17-1966 1995
Sean LeVert R & B Singer 09-28-1968 ?
Tisha Campbell-Martin Actress 10-13-1968 2001
Daniel W. Stoddard Founder Sarcoid Life 01-13-1970 2000
Daryl Hawks Sportscaster NBC5 1972 ?
Travis Michael Holder Actor/Playwright ? 2009
Michael Clark Duncan Actor/Voice Actor 12-10-1957 ?
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Below is a list of Famous and Influential People who have had Sarcoidosis and are not longer with us.

Celebrity Know For Being Age Cause of Death Date of Death
Mahalia Jackson Gospel Singer 60 Cardiac Sarcoidosis 01-27-1972
Darrian Chapman Sportscaster NBC5 37 Cardiac Sarcoidosis Postmortem 10-30-2002
Reggie White Football Player 43 Cardiac Sarcoidosis 12-26-2004
Daniel W. Stoddard Founder Sarcoid Life 36 Sarcoidosis 04-3-2006
Sean LeVert R & B Singer 39 Sarcoidosis 03-30-2008
Bernie Mac Comedian 50 Sarcoid Complications 08-09-2008
Manning Marable Author 60 Pneumonia 04-01-2011
Daryl Hawks Sportscaster NBC5 38 Inconclusive 05-12-2011
Drew Stein Stop Sarcoidosis Member 49 Sarcoidosis 06-18-2011
Steven Matthew Huffman Stop Sarcoidosis Member 34 Sarcoidosis 11-2011
Michael Clark Duncan Actor/Voice Actor 54 Sarcoidosis (contributing Factor) 09-03-2012
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  1. Cheryl says:


    Great job. Looked to be sure Reggie White was on here. He was a great individual and has left such a lasting legacy. Wonderful Christian, family man and football player. Also, I’m so happy to see Drew Stein, because he was loved and appreciated by so many people on Team Inspire.

    Each person has touched the lives of so many, and are missed by their loved ones every day. Sarcoidosis is a terrible destroyer.

    Thank your for doing this. It is quite sobering.

  2. Kenny Ellison says:

    I’m a stage 4 sarcoid holder,not happy but still one foot in front of the other.

    My lungs are shot and I live on pain pills as well as several others. The Sheridan VA has taken me under their wing and save me for at least the last four years, but, I have had it for fourteen.

    Without the VA I would be dead and I want people to know if they work tirelessly to make my crappy life a great deal better. Bless the folks at National Jewish but make sure the same blessing goes out to the folks at the Sheridan VA,

    Thank you all for helping me and my family.

    • snappykappy says:

      did you know that the va hospital in madison which is associated with the university of wisconsin at the time i got my right lung transplant on nnov 9, 2009 was the only one at that time to do lung and lung heart transplants for veterans

      within the last 6 mos the va hospital in seattle washington is doing lung and lung heart transplants for veterans

      they are also working on get the va hospital in baltimore to work with johns hopkins

      yes one can get a transplant at any hospital in the united states which do lung and heart lung transplants if their insurance pays for it or they have the money

      also there are other va hospitals that do other types of transplants

      but at the present madison and seattle are the only va associated hospitals in the system
      i have sarcoidosis it does not have me
      i will kick its ass
      i refuse to lose
      thomas michael kappler

  3. Teri welch says:

    I am compiling stories on people with sarcoidosis. I intend to submit it to governments councils television radio etc. It will at first be in digital format and will be available to everyone who inputs when it is done. I am also dedicating it to anyone who has died from this disease or complications to it

    If you want to be involved and have your story told please email me at teri_welch@iinet.net.au.
    My husband has sarcoidosis in the lungs and I am just sick of reading web sites that almost say it is an inconvenience. It is so much more. There will be no charge for the digital copy when it is complete and there will be no payments for the stories. Regards. Teri

    • sandra pullen says:

      I had a thoracotomy in 2007 when my lymph nodes were enlarged in my chest. They thought I had lymphoma but found out it was sarcoidosis…which I’d never heard of. I’m wondering if this could be the reason I am having so much pain walking and moving around now….all I get is “poohed poohed” when I ask at the doctor’s office. I’m so frustrated.

      • brian g says:

        I know this is a very late reply, but my joints hurt so bad i could barely move. After a couple of days of 50mg of predinsone, it was like a miracle. Still in my lungs and granulomas on my arm and lofgrans on my shins. Chest-tired all the time. I was “pooh-poohed” by the docs i saw. They do us a huge disservice when they are more worried about the hospital firing them for writing pain meds than actually helping easing the suffering of their patients.

      • Candy Collins says:

        Go see a rheumatologist! My pulmonologist referred me when I continued to have joint pain. Have my first appointment Friday morning even though my pains have almost gone away. I have been very fortunate with symptoms being on the mild size. Good luck!

        • i pray this disease never comes back, however, it is a sneaky one. it hovers & attacks other organs. God Bless…take plenty of herbals to be on safe side. Pomegranate seed oil & beets works for me. i have many forms of sarcoidosis. A

      • KtB says:

        I hope by now you have a new doc. My thoracic surgeon told me that sarcoidosis could effect anything. He compared it to being pregnant, as in if you experience something while you’re pregnant and you ask if the pregnancy is a factor, the answer is always yes. He said it’s the same with sarcoid. If you are experiencing something odd and you wonder if the sarcoid is a factor, the answer is yes. Since it’s known to effect joints, you can probably bet that it’s a factor in your pain. Good Luck!

  4. living_with _sarkie says:

    basketball legend Bill Russell and his daughter Karen Russell

  5. Veronicajeanne Sindle says:

    Notice that 10 of the 17 are dead? And they were all young. This disease is SO MUCH MORE that the powers that be are accepting. Their stats are WAY off.

  6. Lynn Cudahy says:

    What a great job at searching all the information. It really helps to know we are not alone in our quest to good health. I certainly agree with Teri Welch, this is way much more than an inconvenience, and the medical profession has so many conflicting data and I believe do not truly understand the impact on our daily lives and the fear that we live with constantly. Thanks for a job well done.

  7. Dani says:

    I am just having yet another moment of complete sickness over the lack of information the medical community provides those with Sarcoidosis.

    In my eyes every person who has Sarcoidosis is a celebrity! You may not be famous but you are a fighter and a winner.

    My family has been through the ringer with Sarcoidosis and taken it all 9 rounds. We have used natural methods and my husband has now been in remission for 3 years – no tumors and no scar tissue left.

    Why aren’t people passing this message along? I look at this list of celebrities who have the finances to afford the best and am so sad to see they have passed due to complications with Sarcoidosis.

    I pray for the day that some famous person reaches out to me, uses this method and overcomes Sarc naturally…then and only then may they listen.

    • Chris Busch says:

      I have been diagnosed with sarcoidosis and am very interested in natural methods. It sounds very inspiring that it worked on your husband. I would be greatful if you can educate me on the steps that you used. I am very happy that people are finding better ways to help themselves, thank you for any information shared.

    • Michelle Booker says:

      What is your method?

      Michelle Booker – Pulmonary Sarcoidosis

    • lj says:

      my husband has suffered with sarcoidosis since november 2011 can you tell me what natural methods have worked for your husband-i would be most grateful–linda

    • Tracey H says:


      My sister has recently been diagnosed with sarcoidosis. We are not famous people, but I’m reaching out to you for more information on treating this horrible disease naturally. Please share: traceyh623@hotmail.com


    • Noah Morris says:

      My name is Noah Morris. I am 23 year old young man. I believe I’m suffering from Sarcoidosis. I’m going to Mt. Sinai hospital to confirm this as I’ve been passed off from doctor to doctor with “asthma but inhalers are of non effect without the use of Steroids after a few days. I’ve been battling this taking prednisone on and off for about 2 1/2, 3 yrs. I was doing research on my own and seem to have all the symptoms of Sarcoidosis. Please email me all the useful information you can at noahmorris@gmail.com

    • Gee says:

      What natural ways helped your husband? Please share. I’m diagnosed with sarcoidosis on my chest lymph nodes & mild skin. Thank you

    • Edwina says:

      I love to know what natural remedies you used im willing to try them to get better

    • Lakeshia Burage says:

      I turned 46yrs old yesterday August 28, and I feel like just DYING!!!!! I was diagnosed with sacoid in June of 2015,which I was told I was in the last stage. I was born with asthma so it seems my situation is worst. I have been a truck driver for 11yrs and just stepped out of the industry cause I can’t breathe

  8. Mich says:

    Hi Dani

    My family has been through the ringer with Sarcoidosis and taken it all 9 rounds. We have used natural methods and my husband has now been in remission for 3 years – no tumors and no scar tissue left.

    I fell for the Aden Protocol con before finding this site. I am struggling with Sarcoidosis with some other heavy medical problems. Would you be kind enough to share where I could learn of the natural methods you speak of, as I am keen to throw all I can at it.

    • Frank Rhone says:

      Essentials Oils are the key for Sarcoidosis Cure
      Purchase them thru YOUNG LIVING, as they only sell
      pure essentials. Do a search on line for the applications
      of the oils and the type of oils. A short list are Pine, Eucalyptus Radiate, Rosemary, hyssop, Raven Ravensara,
      Guardian & Frankincense.

      Good luck, God Bless

  9. Charles Dick says:

    I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2010. I was put on high doses of steroids as are so many. When the weight gain and trouble breathing had almost gotten the best of me, I quit the steroids cold turkey(not the right way to do it). I began walking short strides every day then worked my way up to 12 miles per day. I lost 80 pounds and felt better than I ever had. I then returned to work and stopped walking, slowly some of the weight came back on. I was diagnosed stage 3 sarcoidosis in early 2013. Not wanting to get back on steroids I began taking mucinex dm maximum strength every day and my lungs cleared up. Now I am back to beginning walking again and look forward to getting back to full strength. God bless each sufferer of sarcoidosis and their families.

  10. gary says:

    Forget natural methods, Aden Protocol ECT ECT.
    90% of us with sarc will go into remission without treatment.

    Sarcoidosis is not the main problem for many of these 90%.
    Its the comorbid disorders that come with sarc.

    The most common are fibromyalgia/small fiber polyneuropathy(in most cases both are the same disorder just that fibromyalgia DX is a lazy doctor)

    i have one of the strange cases in that i had both castleman’s disease and sarcoidosis.

    i went into remission in 2006 but am still disabled with
    fibro/small fiber polyneuropathy

  11. Gregory Henderson says:

    I was diagnosed at age 19 with a mild case that kept me out of the military. They showed me x-rays with swollen lymph nodes and i refused to believe the x-rays were mine. I felt great!
    I am 49 now, and am overweight, but feel fine. Gout comes to visit about twice a year, but i have been fine otherwise. I can see now that losing weight must be a priority for me. More frequent check-ups too.
    I have been very fortunate.

  12. cj mccalla says:

    Hey all im 33 and ihave NeuroSarCoiDosis my nervous system has been scanned by my immune system which made weak from the waist down, ihave numbness and tingling in from my knees to the bottom of my feet …..iam also incontinent urine/bowel iwear diapers 24/7 bcuz of it…2012 my world was taken from me ineed my life back!!…ineed help ive been in a chair since then ican walk with a walker but cannot stand out walk for long periods…..ifeel so alone ihavent been touched or kissed by since 2012…idnt mind being in the wheelchair it’s the incontinence thts stalling my social life or havin one….ikno but its tuff who wants to change diapers every two hours in a public place….my family treats me like idied sorta say….searching for answers any glimmer of hope will do….

  13. Bruce k. Nickles says:

    How do I get the insurance co.to pay for some this? I see John Spader it cost $175.00 every time I see him.

  14. I was officially diagnosed with Sarcoidsosis in 2004.
    I have it all over in my heart lungs liver neurological
    In my stomach under my stomach all the lymph nodes in the iliac chain which is both sides of my groin my back is deteriorating my neck is fused from c3 to t1 my low back is fused I have had a heart attack so I had to have a defibrillator. I have had 27 surgeries and like others I am in constant pain and do not no what to do anymore neither do the doctors. I wish it was just over and no one ever suffers from this disease

  15. By the way I wish all of you the best if anyone has any things that could help if you could please email me frankfreudenberg@yahoo.com THANK YOU

  16. Leezy says:

    I also am living with nuerosarcoid. I was diagnosed in 2011 with sarcoidosis then this year nuerosarcoid. It’s tough. Taking steroids made me have diabetes now. I’m 38 and I feel my days of just hanging out with friends are over. My right foot has been numb sine 2010 I can’t walk too long, and I’m out of breath a lot. The weight I’ve gained since taking the steroids is crazy. I’m just glad I have the support of my friends,family,and fiancé.

  17. Cornell guest says:

    I’m 33 diagnosed with sarc 3 months ago but had problems for a hole year now I’m getting shortness of breath and hard to eat with out coughing after I get full this disease is really fatal my aunt past away from this at the age 33 I’m just surprised that they haven’t found a cure

  18. Azure Blue says:

    My cure is ingesting cannabis juice or oil I make with cannabis that is high in CBD’s and CBN’s (anti inflammatories) and I have never felt better. You can use it psycoactive as well as non-psychoactive. It takes heating it to cause psycoctive effects. Leaves are juiced and many people can find a caregiver who doesn’t use their fan leaves and juice them as long as they are pesticide free and clean of spider mites or any other plant menacing bug. But I live in a state where it is legal medicinally.

  19. Azure Blue says:


    There are also clinical Cannabis studies for Sarcoidosis patients

  20. Lisa O Mahony says:

    I had sarcoidosis in the lungs and on the skin in 2002 and it went into remission after prednisone. Then in July (2015) I was re-diagnosed with it again only this time as neurosarcoidosis – it presented as viral meningitis. I’m being treated with high dose prednisone and infliximab and my neurologist is talking about going on an immune suppressant for the rest of my life. I was very lucky it was diagnosed when it was. My GP wouldn’t listen to me when I suggested it might have come back. It took going to the optician to get referred to the specialist.

  21. I am a former opera singer who basically had to stop singing because of my sarcoidosis. I believe it was brought about by stress combined with a bout of pneumonia. I could not shake the infection. That was about 14 years ago. I am trying to figure out how to work on a way to get a legal way to be declared disabled to do what I am supposed to be doing for a living, teaching young people to sing. I love my job, but I do not often feel up to it, and I am certainly not the role model I once was, due to my vocal dysphonia caused by spastic lungs. You are not alone. We are not alone. Make some noise, people!

  22. Una Lewis says:

    Hello, After almost 2 years of testing and misdiagnosis, including having a hysterectomy, I was finally diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 2002. I was placed on an horrific regimen of steroids that I absolutely hated, however, it worked! Last year I started having the same and similar symptoms which includes severe swelling in my knees and I had 2 bronchial infections which included sinusitis within 12 months of each other. Although all my current doctors know about my medical history I’m still being diagnosed with everything else. Just like in 2000, 2001 and 2002, I know something is wrong with my body. My doctor just tells me that it’s just osteoarthritis BUT it does not explain the swelling in my knees that I’ve had for 3 months now and that won’t go away or other symptoms I’m having. I’m so frustrated! Back when I was first diagnosed in 2002 I couldn’t find much information on Sarcoidosis, Thank God the word is getting out and there seems to be other treatments available. Currently I am on several ALL NATURAL homeopathic remedies that are relieving the swelling. Turmeric, Proteolytic Enzymes, Matto kinase, and Serrapeptase. These are all intended to reduce and eliminate inflammation throughout the body. All of my research and my doctor agrees. I have an appointment with a Pulmonary Specialist tomorrow. WISH ME BLESSINGS!!!

  23. Toni says:

    My mom has been suffering with sarcodsis for 20 years and she si now on oxygen 24/7. It is devastating to watch people you love suffer. Please support my mom. She needs to have a double lung transplant. She is waiting to get on the list and the medical bills keep piling up. The anti-rejection medicine will cost around $10,000 per year. Yesterday we set up a GoFundMe account. She has shown love and opened her home and heart to so many people I hope that we can return that love adn support durng this trying time. Please feel free to share

  24. Curt Hodapp says:

    After four months of thinking that I had cancer, it turns out that I have sarcoidosis. It affects my Liver, Spleen, Bones, Spinal Cord and spots on my Kidneys and Lungs. I suffer from Shortness of breath and fatigue.

    It actually funny (Not) that all my friends and relative was so very concerned when I thought that I had cancer. They would give me a call, come see me and ask if I needed anything. Now, I have sarcoidosis and everyone says OK… It can be treated with steroids and you will be OK?

    Really, I cannot do anything for a prolong period of time without huffing and puffing. Walking for long distances are hard and on those bad days. Simple tasks like climbing stairs, I need to pull up on the railing.

    I try to educate all of them that this is a serious disease and they just don’t believe the research.

    I know it not genetic or fungal therefore, it has to be environmental. Since I live in a small town that do not have this type of illness and nobody in my family has it. I think my last employer a ammunition plant caused my condition. There lack of safety, air purification and hazardous chemicals are some of the reasons for my belief.

    I have contacted two lawyers trying to get work mans comp or sue the company and both said that “I” would have to prove that they (the company) caused this condition. I asked them, isn’t that their job? You know, to prove the company did this to me? They have access to medical, environmental, and chemical experts that I do not have access to. They would be able to put something together, but I guess that is to difficult for them.

    Even though the company is a EPA Super Site clean up list. That should make things easier, but it doesn’t. Now, I do not have a JOB, and nobody will hire me because I cannot give them my all. Unemployment just ran out. So, I don’t have that. I filed for disability in July and that was five months ago and I heard that could take a year until it is approved. Longer if I get rejected.

    If the government treats sarcoidosis like my family and friends did. I will be rejected too. Then, I have to get a lawyer and more time will go by.

    I hate this disease and since the Kansas City VA knows very little about how to treat this. The road is going to be long.

  25. Rick says:

    Thoracic surgeon found enlarged lymph nodes in my left chest when checking me in the ER for another chest crushing problem. Turned out to be sarcoidosis. Six years later in ’99 I had three lymph nodes in my right groin with exact match in medical slides. The infectious disease doctor referred to me as “the mystery man” and again no definitive cause. I haven’t had anything noticeable since then to alert for any other flareups. My neighbor Billy died two weeks ago from sarcoidoisis in the lungs.He had it for around thirteen years in his lungs. I have been battling with hemiplegic migraine symptons from before sarcoid was found in my chest. I became disabled due to complications with my hemplegic migraine symptoms February 2014. Until reading these I never put much emphasis on considering further sarcoidosis involvement until now. Thak you to all who have shared their life with this.

  26. Rochelle bailey says:

    I have been diagnosed with systemic sarcoid. I’m in misery every day!!!!! We need help

  27. Jeff says:

    I had been an avid runner all my life and started slowing down, struggling for air. Went to doctor, got referred to lung center where they found scarring but no diagnosis. Really had to go after this myself. Did some research and knew I had sarcoidosis. Found a great pulmonologist who confirmed stage 4 lung disease due to sarcoid. I asked him if I’d ever be able to run again and he said it’s much worse than you think; that we need to talk about a lung transplant. Started on prednisone and methotrexate. Although its been difficult, I put my running shoes on 2 weeks after starting treatment and just put one foot in front of the other as best I could. It’s been 8 years now and i have been running and working out very other day since. It’s very hard! I’m slow and frequently I have to stop and walk. And 3 miles feels like a marathon but I get out and do it rain or shine. Last year was diagnosed with cardiac sarcoid and have found it on my skin. Also believe it has done damage to gi track but so sick of doctors I think I’ll just pick my fights. Life is different now for sure but it’s still life and it’s still beautiful. Thanks for sharing everyone!

  28. JEFF says:

    I agree that the symptoms are minimized by most specialists.
    I haven’t seen a rheumatologist yet, but I’m going to look into it now! Also, I’m disabled but want to help! So fustirating!

  29. Johnfredrick Daniels says:

    I was just diagnosed last Saturday and have my first meeting with the specialist tomorrow. Ive been a little sad these last couple days because ive seen first hand what it did to my mother. This truly SUCKS and with no cure your just waiting foe it to get worse praying on a miracle. I know i have it now and all i can try to do is better my health and stay around as long as i can for my FIVE BOYS and BEAUTIFUL wife. The good thing is i am a Veteran and being at the VA makes it a little easier to deal with. I really could not believe this is wahts going on in my chest. I went to the BUFFALO NY VA to get a xray of my ribs and the doc says “HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN CONTACT WITH CEMICAL WARFARE” of course my answer was “I DONT BELIEVE SO” i called my wife immediately cause i knew it was gonna be a tough pill to swallow. I love life and i can say this has really changed my outlook on it. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL ME PLEASE

    • Roe says:

      I’m also a retired vet. I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 1990. I was lived in Japan, Atsugi base. within six months of being there I told my supervisor that every Thursday, when the Japanese do this massive burn of everything (shimpco incinerator), I would feel really sick with a terrible headache. Shortly after I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, took steroids for over 3 years. When I left Japan and went to California, I started feeling better immediately. I believe sarcoidosis is caused by the environment. Also, I read that the incinerator in Japan has been shut down. Hmmmmmm

  30. proxy list says:

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  31. Susan says:

    My name is Susan. I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in 1985. I had just had a child 4 months prior and I was fell sick. I had a dumb doctor who told me my symptoms were all in my mind. Could barely breath, felt like I was going to pass out daily, rapidly losing weight. Finally went to urgent care and the doctor there who also was suffering from the disease diagnosed me. I had it on my chest and lungs, I could not even blow out a match. My spleen was 10 times the size it was supposed to be. I was put on Steroids and told no cure. Well in 1987 God healed me. I got off the medication against Doctors advice and 30 years later Glory to God, Im still going strong. That’s my story and my outcome so please don’t get off your meds follow your doctors orders I just want you to know nothing is too hard for God and there is hope. Everytime my doctor sees me he’s amazed.

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